Grin and Bear

June 17th, 2011

After completing the shoot at Jackson Hole Airport, we made some time and headed up into Yellowstone National Park. Having experienced the park mostly through Yogi Bear cartoons and the odd National Geographic special when I was a kid, I was keen to see at least some of it first hand. We’d already used our weekly allocation of good karma with regard to the weather, so this day was definitely a case of dodging the occasional rain bands that passed through the valley.

Almost immediately upon entering the southern end of the park, the scenery changes away from the benign, spacious valleys around Jackson to something more primordial. In between the seemingly normal forests and waterways, earth opens up, venting a pungent, gaseous cocktail of minerals from deep within.

Wooden walkways around the geysers ferry a continuous stream of onlookers. The regular visions of people disappearing in and out of the steamy clouds underlined the tenuous and temporal nature of our existence on the surface of this planet.

When getting in close to these holes in the earth’s crust, seeing the rich color and textures of the natural formations, it wasn’t hard to abstract the shapes and consider them more as aerial views of expansive coastlines.

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