Steam Room

June 27th, 2008

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Work continues at the California Academy of Sciences with the Tropical Rainforest dome in final stages of preparation for the introduction of some birds. The glass panels have deliberately not been cleaned to make the surface more visible to the birds while they settle in. The plants are growing well with the help of additional UV lights to supplement the daylight streaming through the portholes. The misters are keeping the warm air moist and the refilled tank should soon be hosting it’s first fish.

Outside the rainforest dome, the massive skeleton of a blue whale is being carefully assembled and hoisted into place. It will eventually hang from the ceiling of the southern exhibit space.

The skeleton needed to be delivered in several truckloads. Part of the skull, shown below, barely fitted through the doors. The even larger jawbones were delivered the next day.

Over in Africa Hall, the dioramas are almost complete.

There is something a little unnerving about looking up from the camera and seeing a 600 pound gorilla out the corner of your eye. The lush moss in the exhibit had been freshly placed so that damp, woody smell permeated the immediate surrounds.

The penguins are well settled into their new enclosure and not in the least fazed by the constant attention being lavished upon them.

Meanwhile the Living Roof just keeps growing.

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