Must see CCTV.

December 3rd, 2007

At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking that Godzilla was taking on his own evil twin in a last ditch battle to save the stricken Earth….


The equally improbable truth was that the two towers on the CCTV Headquarters project in Beijing were finally joining up.


Amazingly clear weather in Beijing provided the opportunity to access the neighboring World Trade Center 3 tower (designed by Brian Lee at SOM, who’s New Poly Plaza we photographed recently). The red arrow marks the approximate level of the floor we were shooting from. Somewhere near Floor 56 or 57.


While the views from what will be the tallest building in Beijing were truly spectacular, the icy winds which had blown all the pollution away kept the temperatures well below zero, keeping our time up there to a minimum.


The scale of the project is a little hard to grasp from street level as the main structure is set so far back from the road and behind quite tall hoardings. Walking back away from the site starts to provide some comparative scale. It’s then you start to appreciate just how huge the building really is.


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