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Museum Piece

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

In Dallas, a new residential tower by architects Johnson Fain, sits in the midst of the vibrant Arts District, in close proximity to all the major performance and museum spaces. The 42 story Museum Tower uses particularly crisp and reflective glazing on its curved facades which catches light from a broad area of the sky. This gives it the effect , particularly in the soft light of dawn and dusk, of glowing long past the time when most of the other flat sided facades of the city skyline have faded to black.



It was President’s Day weekend. A cool and sunny forecast had brought scores of people out to the new Klyde Warren Park spanning the central expressway.  Steadying the tripod in our elevated position above the plaza, a grassy knoll over to our right, we had a clear view of our target for the day…..


I’d been commissioned by the owners of Museum Tower to create a series of images for marketing collateral for the building, including printed and online pieces.



Adobe or not to be..

Friday, February 15th, 2013

That was indeed the question as the weather in Utah played havoc with our best laid plans to photograph WRNS Studio’s new Adobe Systems campus in Lehi, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City . Twice we had booked flights, packed the gear and been poised for a run to the airport when the forecast took a turn for the worse.

For our third attempt, we hatched a planned to sweep into town in the wake of a weakening cold front that was promising to drop a dusting of fresh snow around the grounds of the newly completed building.

As we touched down in the rain that evening, we could barely make out the lights of downtown a sort distance away. Anxiously peering out the hotel windows just before dawn offered a clearing sky and with luck, some sunshine for later in the day.


The building itself, stage one of a larger campus master plan, sits adjacent to the main Route 15 highway leasing south from SLC, against the magnificent backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Right on cue, the morning clouds peeled away and gave us the clear crisp light we need to bring the facades to life.




Perched above the cafeteria, the onsite facilities included a large and well equipped fitness center, along with a full size baseball court that offered sweeping views out across the valley to the mountains beyond. Eyes on the ball now, chaps!


Sitting between the two arms of the first phase, a large, multi-purpose space works as the social hub of the growing Adobe community.


As the sun approached the horizon, the whole valley was bathed in a warm, golden light that added yet another dimension to the ever changing facade.


Happy Meal

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

After a very early morning shooting our long awaited departure concourse exteriors, it required this kind of visual input to put a smile back on our dial. I swear this is the exact way the plate was served to us! Adding an intense coffee to the mix kept that feeling in place for the remainder of the morning.