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Gun Control

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

After several years in rented premises, The Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles has finally found a permanent home on WIlshire Boulevard adjacent to the LA County Museum of Art. As part of their gala opening and fund raising event, I was invited to participate in the building of a 3D structure from a supplied kit of parts. The pre-cut kits were sent out to a cross section of designers, architects, and artists, ensuring a wild mix of responses.

In trying to think of a way to incorporate some photographic element to my response without it appearing like a blatant advertising opportunity, I was drawn to the irony of constructing a blatant advertising opportunity but with a twist.

Co-incidentally, I had photographed a well-loved LA landmark which happened to have my name on it. So it seemed the obvious image to stick on the billboard.

With the concept firmly etched in my head, I started on assembling the piece from the appropriate kit parts. It was during this process of construction, while unsuccessfully attempting to control the hair trigger on the newly acquired hot glue gun that I was reminded of my strong childhood dislike for building models. Throwing a few LEGO bricks together was totally cool. But messing with the heads of pins, a tube of Airfix glue and the tail section of a B-17 bomber just never really worked out for me. Besides, left to it’s own devices, the glue gun seemed quite capable of extruding a passable sculpture all by itself.

So while the A+D piece got there in the end, I dare say I’m better suited to manipulating 3D back into 2D rather than the reverse.

The opening gala was a great success with over 500 guests attending throughout the night. Here I was squeezed in behind Richard Meier’s exquisitely assembled piece.

Capturing Attention

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

In the May/June issue of Capture Magazine, their Australia’s Top Photographer Awards were announced. This is an annual competition with the winners nominated and voted on by their professional peers. Richard Bailey of Sydney took out this years overall award.

I am pleased to report that I was awarded Australia’s Top Architectural Photographer for the fourth year in a row.

Click here for a complete list of winners.

Ribbed for Pleasure

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The newly opened Red Bull Arena, designed by Rossetti Architects is home to the MLS New York Red Bulls soccer team. Nestled into Harrison, New Jersey and just across from Newark Penn Station, the ribbed, fabric roof cuts a striking silhouette in the heavy industrial landscape.

Indeed there are still several active trucking yards adjacent to the stadium, making for a ready reminder of the area’s heritage.

The new soccer-dedicated stadium puts the fans close to the action on the field. Designed to accommodate a full house of 25,000 spectators, the Red Bull Arena retains an intimacy not attainable within the vast stadiums previously borrowed from the NFL.